Sean Delonas

February 20, 2009

I like the Post’s defense of him: “He’s not racist, just imcompetent.” Nice.

There was a profile of him years ago in the NY Press- they and the Post had a horrible right-wing bromance going- as I remember he took the editorial cartoonist job in the hopes that it would “lead to other opportunities.” Huh?

This latest cartoon is described as a “misfire” by the President of the Association of Editorial Cartoonists, who is… Ted Rall? Good Lord! What’s next, Charlie Manson as head of the American Psychiatric Association? 

Part of learning to draw is learning to see things, not just as you think they are, but how they  actually are in relation to each other. It can be not just a discipline but a mental exercise in learning clarity. Is it just a coincidence that these two clowns have not learned to draw or think?



  1. One thing I remember from that NY Press profile was that he’d never heard of Art Spiegelman’s “Maus.” I know cartoonists don’t get out much, but geez.

  2. Until this week, I didn’t realize that the editorial cartoons in The Onion weren’t just broadly satirical. I celebrated this insight by mashing up Delonas with The Onion here:

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