Twain and Einstein

March 16, 2009

From the new Thrizzle, coming out any day now:




  1. hahahaha.
    Can’t wait for the new book!

  2. Dear Mr. M. Kupperman,
    I quite enjoyed Tales Designed to Thrizzle No. #5! In fact I — what’s that? No, I did not make a mistake and write “No.” and “#” to describe the word “number.” If you must know, I was saying “no” to my little brother, who’s also in the room. He asked me if I wanted to poop on his hair while I was writing this. So that’s what happened, sorry if there was any confusion. Now then, I just wanted to say that I found issue number 5 to be the best so far, which is saying a lot.
    So thank you. And thank Mr. P Revess as well as Mr. M. Gorbachev, along with Mr. Cooper who lives down the street. I don’t know his first initial, otherwise I would have used i — for the last time no! I will not poop in your hair, Jacob.
    Luke Johnson
    Why could I not have just said I enjoyed the latest issue and thanked you and left it at that? Wow, I must really need attention! Well, back to the taco drive.

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