Snake’N’Bacon in French

March 19, 2009

This nifty translation came out a few months ago from La Cinquieme Couche in Brussels. They really did a beautiful job, and the printing and production are much better than the original (especially now). Clearly a lot of work was involved!picture-3picture-2picture-5An added pleasure, for me, is using Google translations to find out how the book is described:

“Fans of mood absurd trend Glen or Peter Baxter Police (less trash), you throw on this album just out of cartons. You will find great players unjustly forgotten (Snake and Bacon, precisely), super-hero not plundered by Hollywood (Boxer-on-the-head man). You will enjoy reading the journal of sexual Roger Daltrey, and discover the fascinating world of this old joker by Pablo Picasso (Cubist period). And if you’re wise, you’ll maybe even a round of sexual airship and learn to influence the toads. Hilarious or totally stupid, and perhaps both.”



  1. Thank you, Google translations, for helping me get the Cubism/”leetle cubes” joke for the very first time. (I’m not too bright.)

  2. Fantastic! You should use Google translator more often in describing your work. Might work well for when you have writer’s block — simply take the script that you’re having trouble breaking and feed it through Google translator. Voila! Instant hilarity!

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