Twain & Einstein in “They Got Game”

March 20, 2009

     “Great news, pal! I just sold another cartoon idea to the Banana Splits!” said Mark Twain, waving a check in Albert Einstein’s face. “Let’s go celebrate!”

     “That is great news, partner,” said Einstein. “”Those Splits have been very good to you. But I am afraid I cannot celebrate with you, because I have to go play Hamlet tonight at the Delacorte.”

     “You’re playing Hamlet?” asked a baffled Twain. “I didn’t know you acted, Al.”

     “I haven’t previously,” came the reply. “But my good friend Vinnie Jones had to drop out, and since it’s a non-speaking part…”

     “Hamlet, a non-speaking part?” expostulated Twain. “Au contraire, mon ami! Hamlet’s gotta speak a hell of a lotta words, and all in the correct order! You got some serious studying to do!”

     “It’s no good,” moaned Einstein three hours later. “Look: you stand behind a tree on the set, and just tell me the lines as they come up.” Luckily at that moment the phone rang, with a call from the President. “Swing by my house, pronto!” It was another secret mission.

     “How brief my time in the limelight,” sighed Einstein as the elevator shot downwards.

(Following Pop-Monkey’s suggestion, here is the above translated, through an online engine, from English to French, then back again. Some nice phrasing does appear)

” ; Great news, buddy! J’ just sold another idea of cartoon with the banana splits! ” ; Said Twain mark, undulating a control as a Albert Einstein ‘ ; face of S. ” ; Let’ ; S disappear celebrate! ” ; ” ; C’ is great news, associate, ” ; Einstein known as. ” ; ” ; These slits t’ were very good. But j’ am afraid which I cannot celebrate with you, because I owe m’ to tackle play Hamlet this evening in Delacorte.” ; ” ; You’ ; Hamlet of play Re? ” ; asked diverted Twain. ” ; I didn’ ; T know that you acted, Al.” ; ” ; I haven’ ; T previously, ” ; came the answer. ” ; But my good friend Vinnie Jones had to release, and since it’ ; ” non-speaking of part of SA… ; ” ; Hamlet, a non-speaking part? ” ; Twain expostulated. ” ; Opposite d’ With, friend of Monday! Hamlet’ ; S.A. obtained to speak about the words about Lotta, and all in l’ correct order! You obtained l’ serious study to make! ” ; ” ; It’ ; S no good, ” ; Groaned Einstein three hours later. ” ; Look at: you are held behind a tree on l’ together, and me known as just lines during qu’ they are raised. ” ; Fortunately at this time the telephone sounded, with a call of the president. ” ; Oscillation by my house, pronto! ” ; C’ was another secret mission. ” ; How file my time in fires of the slope, ” ; Sighed Einstein as elevator drew in bottom.



  1. English to korean and then back to english gives a different result (i am bored at work…)

    “The good news, my friend! Banana falling, I just think that was sold to another cartoon!” Mark Twain, Albert Einstein said, waving in the face of the check. “Let’s go celebrate!”

    “The good news, a partner,” he said Einstein. “” That is split is very good. Because tonight, to play Hamlet to go to the Delacorte, but I can not even celebrate with you, I’m scared. ”

    “You ‘Hamlet’ and the game are you?” Jeolmangsok Twain asked. “I did not know you, Al, was acting.”

    “I did not before,” he said. “But my good friend Vinnie Jones dropped out, and cannabis was – part … talking about” the

    ” ‘Hamlet’, non – speaking part?” Twain expostulated. “Au contraire, Mon Ami! Hamlet of, and all the same thing a hell of a lot of words in the correct order, you’ve got some serious studying to do!”

    “It’s better,” Albert Einstein, will be 3 hours later. “Look: If you stand behind a tree in the set, I tell them all on the line.” Fortunately, the phone rang at that moment, with a call from the president. My house “the swing, hurry!” It was another secret mission.

    “My time in the limelight outlines how,” Einstein’s elevator to the bottom of the gun, was sighed.

  2. That is an excellent translation. How did “cannabis” appear? Was the translator editorializing?

  3. Since -> sinse(milla) -> cannabis?

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