The Most Depressing Cartoon Ever?

March 29, 2009

Another Fleischer production. If you find yourself alone on New Year’s Eve, then pour yourself a gin and prune juice (I call it an East River!), sit down and watch this cartoon. 



  1. If this were the Sally Jesse Raphael Show, I’d take the microphone and say, “Yo, Hat Bird. You deserve better than her. She dumped you for the first new bird that came flying around. So what if she was seduced by a big city fella that broke her heart? Respect yourself, Hat Bird. Hula Bird is a ho,” I’d say, snapping my fingers in the air for emphasis.

    Then I’d snatch Sally Jesse’s red glasses and step on them. Then I’d wander over to the set of Montel to taunt Sylvia Browne for being the Wrongest Wrong Psychic that ever wronged. Then I’d punch Geraldo. Everyone would laugh and I’d be declared Winner of Life. The end.

  2. Mr. Cravens, I like the way you think.

  3. Some months ago, I watched this with my four-year-old without previewing it first. That was a mistake.

  4. Is the lesson of the cartoon that a female can act like a creep and still end up in paradise with the nicest guy in the world?

  5. She’ll fly away with the next flashy bird guy to come through.

    Didn’t it occur to anyone that suicidal despair is wrong for a cartoon like this?

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