Snake’N’Bacon Is Coming!!!~ To TV!!!

April 14, 2009

Snake’N’Bacon the TV show pilot is going to be broadcast as part of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block of programming, on May 10th at 12:45 AM. The cast includes Kristin Schaal, Dan Bakkedahl, Bill Hader, Peter Serafinowicz,  James Urbaniak, Brian Stack, and David Rakoff, in live-action and animated segments.




  1. I am so incredibly excited for this!

  2. This is the best news I’ve ever heard!
    And on Tax Day, no less — well timed!

  3. Excellent! Huzzah! *Arsenio woot*

  4. How does this bode for a full season run?

  5. […] it’s true. Tales Designed to Thrizzle auteur Michael Kupperman has revealed that his seminal, wacky pairing of meat product and reptile will debut on the small screen. What […]

  6. […] comic book creator Michael Kupperman is reporting that a pilot for his show Snake’N’Bacon will be broadcast on Adult Swim on May 10, 2009, at 12:45 AM (Eastern). The live-action/animated hybrid pilot will feature Kristin Schaal, Dan […]

  7. […] book of comics, Snake’N’Bacon’s Cartoon Cabaret, has been magically transformed into a TV pilot, and will be broadcast on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim on May 10 at 12:45 […]

  8. Forget TV. Go straight to DVD. I will buy, see? (waves cash in front of computer monitor).

  9. Congrats. Can’t wait to view it the f. up.

  10. Congratulations Michael. Do you by chance have any of your original work for sale so a long-time fan like me can show off a bit when you hit the big time?

  11. I just saw the pilot, absolutely amazing!

  12. You got some good stuff going on here. I wish you the best of luck! Do you think you’ll ever make shirts out of pieces of snakes and slices of bacon?

  13. I just happened across the pilot and now I’ve got to check out the comics! Great stuff, but I can’t seem to find any evidence of the pilot on the Adult Swim site, so I’m having trouble referring it to friends!

  14. Snake’n’bacon and TDtT are awesome. I want a s’n’b shirt. Kristin Schaal is ridiculously attractive. That is all.

  15. How do you imagine your death?

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