Thank you, Conan O’Brien!

May 31, 2009

“Comics by Michael Kupperman” is listed at #8 on Conan O’Brien’s Must List in Entertainment Weekly (June 5th ed.)





  1. Congrats Michael, seems like a perfect storm of Attention and Adulation is rollin’ your way! Let’s hope that Appreciation comes in its wake, followed by Financial Reward. (p.s. Did I mix metaphors here? Can a storm “roll” and does it have a “wake”?)

  2. congratulations!

  3. The awesomeness continues, congrats!

  4. Congratulations! Like I always says, I says, “Conan & Kupperman: Funny Men.”

    That’d be a great sitcom, by the way…a funny and talented artist and a violent barbarian become roommates and learn to love one another despite their hilarious differences. It’s Perfect Strangers meets The Odd Couple meets Friends with a touch of Three’s Company thrown in for good measure.

  5. Did you see you’re in the Approval Matrix (New York mag, June 29 issue)?
    4-Playo is more brilliant than Captain America, and more lowbrow than Anvil & AC/DC.


  6. This one blurb in an otherwise typically worthless issue of Entertainment Weekly laying around my parents house introduced me to your work. So on some level an issue of Entertainment Weekly was instrumental in making life 1-2% more tolerable. Did not see that coming.

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