Thrizzle Book Release Party this Friday!

July 5, 2009

This Friday, July 10th, 7-9, Desert Island in Williamsburg will host a party for the official publishment of the book Tales Designed to Thrizzle Volume 1.  Here is the link to the store’s website: DESERT ISLAND

Desert Island is located literally steps away from the Lorimer stop on the L line. For this occasion, they’ve created a print of my page Are Comics serious Literature? DESERT ISLAND




  1. Fantagraphics shipped my copy to me something like two weeks ago. Did I get an early copy? Either way, great book; made me laugh as always. My copy of Cartoon Cabaret is happy to have a friend.

    • Comics distribution is a confusing business…

  2. well, i live 6 blocks from here, but of course this is the weekend i have to fly to the midwest for a funereal with no body.

  3. I just got Tales to Thrizzle vol.1 after seeing a little bit of it on the web and oh my god… You’re a genius. A man among men. If Israelites were forced to be lost in the desert for a really long time because they painted you gold and worshipped you I would so not be surprised.

    PS: I liked the book.

  4. Please add a ADD THIS option to your blog (www.addthis.com) so that I might share your great stuff with people far and wide and hence fool them into thinking I am cool.

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