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The Whatsisname Collection

August 26, 2009

A number of years ago there was a place called A&S Magazines on 40th Street behind the Port Authority, which sold used magazines. One week I went in there and they had this particular collection of magazines, boxes and boxes of them, which they were selling quite cheap, because they had all been defaced. A gentleman in Connecticut had been buying magazines- mostly men’s magazines- for several decades, from the forties to the early seventies- and deconstructing them. He would take them apart, and then he would make a new magazine from the remnants of several, arranging the pages to highlight certain stories and downplay others. He would staple the pages back into the cover, and then he would cross out whatever stories weren’t in his version with a wax pencil. Finally he would stamp his name on the cover and number the whole thing, presumably for his “library.”

Even though vintage, these oddly shaped, crude reassemblages really wouldn’t appeal to many people. Obviously I bought as many as I could, somewhere between three and four hundred- they were quite cheap, especially for a source of reference and inspiration that has been so central. Being a sensible person, I took apart his assemblages, and put the pages into plastic binders, where I could study them properly.

On earlier covers from the fifties, the defacement is quite severe, with very little text left.Picture 16
Picture 14

But towards the end of the sixties, when text-heavy covers become more common, the wax-pencil corrections are gone, as if he’s acknowledged the futility of his task. It’s funny about his name stamp, too- I can’t read it. Buechel? Breskol?

Picture 15

These magazines seem both innocent and sinister now. And the randomness of their presentation in the “new author’s” version accentuates the confusion.

Picture 33

Picture 32

I’ll be scanning more of the pages and covers and putting them here:


Thrizzle At The Strand Next Week!

August 12, 2009


I will be at the Strand bookstore next Tuesday, August 18th, from 7-8 pm. I will be signing, and also doing a presentation of some of my comics, including “Hercules Vs. Zeus” from Nickelodeon magazine, which is in 3-D, glasses provided. Exciting!

The Strand, of course, is located at 12th Street and Broadway on the wonderful island of Manhattan.


Thrizzle Volume 1 Gets Noticed

August 10, 2009


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From Art in America, a very nice writeup: Graphic Novelist Michael Kupperman Describes Modern Humor – Finer Things – News & Opinion – Art in America

An interview/feature in the Honolulu Star: Comic volume lifts ‘goofiness’ to high art – Hawaii Features –


Waiting For Adventure

August 4, 2009

Picture 4