Thrizzle At The Strand Next Week!

August 12, 2009


I will be at the Strand bookstore next Tuesday, August 18th, from 7-8 pm. I will be signing, and also doing a presentation of some of my comics, including “Hercules Vs. Zeus” from Nickelodeon magazine, which is in 3-D, glasses provided. Exciting!

The Strand, of course, is located at 12th Street and Broadway on the wonderful island of Manhattan.



  1. Me encanta su estilo gráfico y narrativo cargado de peso semiótico. Y su dominio absoluto de los iconos estereotipos. Creo que me voy a dejar influenciar plenamente por usted. ¿Qué relación tiene o ha tenido con Art Spiegelman?
    Con artistas como usted vale la pena seguir soñando y buscando.

    • Gracias mucho. Considero a Sr. Spiegelman ser el redactor más grande de tebeos modernos.

  2. Hi Michael.
    This is Michael.
    Tetsuya gave me your email address.
    I typed you out a long email, but it wodn’t go through.
    Would you mind emailing me your current email address.
    I wanted to congradulate you (and other stuff).

  3. I pretty much gave up on comix, until I saw your work. You are the funniest artist doing comix today. Love your jokes, art and how it’s all put together. Amazingly hysterical.

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