More Great Journalism

March 2, 2010

Albert Einstein was thrown out by his wife, who requested that he not return. Meanwhile Mark Twain was also thrown out by his wife, you requested that he similarly not return. They decided to move in with their good friends Felix Oscar and Oscar Madison, who were already room-mates. Together they all became


Felix paused in enjoying a picture of a dandelion, his enjoyment was ruffled because there was a real dandelion on the rug. Mark Twain nodded in sympathy. “I’m not as compulsively neat as you are, Felix, but I have other personal quirks that provide for humorous situations when combined with, or set against, the quirks of any of my various co-habitues,” he opined.

A cloud of radioactive smoke mixed with cigar smoke came out of the room that Madison and Einstein now shared. They were gambling for isotopes, and both Felix and Mark dreaded what could arise out of this situation. Probably something funny was going to happen, it almost always did.



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  2. More incidents from the action-packed serial “Joe Friday at Home:”

    Joe Friday stared at the summer bologna. He nodded at his partner Bill Gannon. Bill nodded back. A loud trumpet blared somewhere, perhaps the soundtrack. “I know it seems cool to disobey authority, son, but have you ever considered that the so-called squares might have something?” He put special emphasis on “cool” and “squares” to show that he was using the hippie lingo ironically. The summer bologna sneered and fingered the collar of its Nehru jacket….

    stay tuned for more in this action-packed serial “Joe Friday at Home!”

  3. This made me laugh repeatedly!

  4. Love it!

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