Magazines: The Whatsisname Collection

Picture 10Picture 11Picture 12Picture 13Picture 14Picture 16Picture 17Picture 18Picture 19Picture 20Picture 22Picture 23Picture 24Picture 26Picture 27Picture 28Picture 29Picture 30Picture 31Picture 32Picture 33

Picture 4Picture 6Picture 8Picture 9Picture 11Picture 12Picture 13Picture 14Picture 16Picture 17Picture 18Picture 19Picture 20Picture 21Picture 22Picture 23Picture 24Picture 25Picture 26Picture 27Picture 30Picture 31Picture 34Picture 35Picture 36Picture 37Picture 40Picture 41Picture 42Picture 45Picture 46Picture 47Picture 48Picture 49Picture 50Picture 51Picture 52Picture 53Picture 54Picture 55



  1. […] Magazines: The Whatsisname Collection […]

  2. Amazing.

  3. Astonishing.

    Now I know the tradition Inglourious Basterds follows.

  4. Awesome. Thanks for posting these.

  5. These are fantastic and also morally disturbing! Its interesting how these magazines have such macho titles and then the cover show these tough guys using women as human shields. Ha ha, wusses.

  6. Awsome movie, i like to see Hitler death lol.I found you site on google btw.

  7. Really cool collection; I just wish the article titles weren’t marked out. Also, I wish your Snake ‘N’ Bacon show would continue along on Adult Swim. I /really/ enjoyed the pilot, although I’m still unfamiliar with your comic work.

  8. Wow. I can TOTALLY see the influence! I knew your work had that weird old ad vibe, but this stuff pinpoints the origin of it so exactly, yet it’s so different. Eerie stuff there.

  9. Michael,
    Really enjoyed Tales Designed to Thrizzle. Was also pleased to see the Super Cops homage in section #4. I thought I was the only one who thought that cover was AMAZING.

    • The whole Super Cops media plan was amazing!

  10. What a find. Thanks.

  11. FUCKIN’ A, MAN

  12. i like war movies and inglourious basterds is one of the movies that i really love “~”

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