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It’s Off To The Printers: Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010

May 31, 2011

A mix of illustrated writing and comics, this volume follows Twain as he navigates the Twentieth Century and makes his way into the Twenty-First. His adventures are tense, scary, sexy, mischievous, and sometimes embarrassing. Twain spills the dirt on his secret love affairs with Marilyn Monroe and Mame Eisenhower, tells about his spying and private detective work, and dishes about his involvement in film, TV and advertising. The time he took LSD, the day he tried to hypnotize a donut clerk. Where he first met Einstein and how they travelled through time together. How to build your own raft and the life of a hobo. And who really killed JFK…? All this and much, much more.

Available in September from Fantagraphics.





Thrizzle Book Release Party this Friday!

July 5, 2009

This Friday, July 10th, 7-9, Desert Island in Williamsburg will host a party for the official publishment of the book Tales Designed to Thrizzle Volume 1.  Here is the link to the store’s website: DESERT ISLAND

Desert Island is located literally steps away from the Lorimer stop on the L line. For this occasion, they’ve created a print of my page Are Comics serious Literature? DESERT ISLAND



Movies: “American Carol”

February 19, 2009


Yes, that's Jon Voigt on the left. Fraid so.

Yes, that's Jon Voigt on the left. Fraid so.

Speaking of our troubled healthcare system… Netflix now allows Mac users to watch movies online, and this was one of my first choices. American Carol is the right-wing “comedy” designed as an attack on Michael Moore, here called “Michael Malone” and played by Chris Farley’s left-over brother, who gives a performance. Malone seeks to abolish July 4th, but ghosts of great Americans such as Patton (Kelsey Grammer!) and George Washington (Jon Voigt) show up to give him a schoolin’ in what it means to be a real American. Leslie Nielsen appears, sickly and bewildered-looking, to call him a “traitorous sack of shit.” Dennis Hopper plays a judge besieged by ACLU zombies, etc. The whole effect is rather like if Mussolini had produced an anti-FDR comedy, starring Fatty Arbuckle’s brother. 

The story of Dennis Hopper seems to be: first he did a lot of drugs. Then  he played a ruthless billionaire in Land of the Dead. Now he thinks he is a ruthless billionaire. Frankly, it’s a bit disappointing.